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How I Stand Out from the Competition as a Fitness Professional in Los Angeles

heather trainer at box n burn

Written by Heather – Certified ??Boxing & BoxingYoga Coach & Kettlebell specialist.

Devoted to an ever improving healthy lifestyle!


My 8-5 just wasn’t cutting it. The hardest part was coming back to my desk after doing BoxingYoga on my lunch break. I knew I had to make a decision. Stay at my comfortable, salary corporate job, or courageously devote myself to a new career in fitness.


I had 4 months experience Boxing and practiced Yoga for a year. Beyond being a natural athlete, that was the extent of my physical activity. I walked into Box N Burn a few months after moving from the east coast to LA, desiring an opportunity in the fitness industry, when I was introduced to the Box n Burn Academy. POWER MOVE!


The Box n Burn Academy accelerated my career in fitness. After earning a certification from the Box n Burn Academy, I was hired as a trainer on the Box n Burn team, and immediately produced the return on my investment.


The academy taught me, how to teach someone that has never boxed before the fundamentals of boxing. It’s incredible to introduce a new style of fitness to someone especially with boxing being a bit intimidating. The academy extends education to hold mitts for experience fighters.

Learning from the BNB Academy, unlocked an incredible about of potential within myself and for my career!

 I am able to differentiate myself in the flooded market of fitness professionals and add immense value to individual lives, as they get in shape and learn to defend themselves.


My own confidence increased when I took up the sport, which drives my passion to bring that to everyone!
While we are on the topic of passion; the team that runs the academy are the most passionately, devoted individuals. The sole reason they are teaching is because they undoubtedly love to coach and create opportunities for others to grow.


All my gratitude.


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heather trainer at box n burn

What Qualities, Beyond Expertise, Does A Personal Trainer Need to Succeed?

Training personal trainers

Highly successful personal trainers; Kevan Watson, Glenn Holmes, and Tony Jeffries.
give their tips on how they acquire and retain clients in Los Angeles, the most highly competitive place on Earth for personal trainers.

Click to listen to “What Makes a Great Personal Trainer?” on our Box’n Life Podcast


Beyond your expertise you should have emotional intelligence, open communication, build trust, stay educated, and be a trainer that genuinely cares about your clients and understands what make them tick to keep them motivated.


Boxing starts from the ground up. Often times simple adjustments made to foot placement or movement is all that is necessary to fix an error in form. However, there are instances when more advanced and delicate corrections are necessary. A good trainer will be able to pinpoint & identify flaws in technique and mechanics of all degrees quickly and give precise yet clear instruction to fix them.

Perhaps the most important aspect of being a good trainer is safety. Boxing tends to be associated with injuries due to the violent nature of competitive boxing; nevertheless, boxing for fitness can be associated with injuries to the knuckles, wrists, elbows, & back. For a beginner boxer, safety begins and ends with the trainer. Wrists and knuckle injuries can be avoided by a secure hand wrap and instruction to keep a tight fist when throwing punches, and injuries to the elbows and back can be minimized by your attention to detail in teaching the sweet science as well as a thorough warm up. Another key component to safety is communication, which we will discuss below.

“Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail”. A good instructor is always prepared for a session. Preparation includes programming your client, ensuring that they are being progressed at appropriately. Without preparation trainers may have the tendency to progress their boxers too quickly, leading to a lack of understanding of fundamentals, and often leading to injury or frustration from the boxer. Organization & Preparation will also guarantee you look knowledgeable and professional.

As mentioned before, communication is vital for ensuring safety. One of the first and most important things to establish when teaching boxing is communication and trust. If you don’t have an open line of communication and trust between you and your boxer, then there is an increased likelihood of injury & frustration. Therefore, requesting feedback from your boxer is not only smart but essential. Knowing how your client is feeling and what they’re thinking will provide insight into how their minds process information, therefore giving you a clear understanding of how you can communicate more effectively.

Your attitude and energy will be what your boxer remembers most! Remember that boxing is brand new for the majority of people, and incredibly intimidating to try due to the nature of the sport. Positive reinforcement & smiling will go a long way to combat this! A high and positive energy output is also highly effective in creating enhanced performance & results from your client.

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Conor McGregor Video: Training In California at Box N Burn Brentwood, Los Angeles

Connor McGregor training at Box N Burn Brentwood, California

Watch the video for a quick look at McGregor keeping sharp at BNB Brentwood, Los Angeles,  California. It was great to have him back training in @boxnburnbrentwood for the last couple of rainy days!

Conor Anthony McGregor is an Irish professional mixed martial artist who is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion, and former UFC Featherweight Champion.

Connor McGreggor boxer training at Box N Burn gym Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thenotoriousmma/


Video was originally published on YouTube Feb 19, 2017 by TheMacLife Productions

Conor’s Conditioning Program https://themaclifefast.com/
Music by Notize https://soundcloud.com/notizeofficial

How Trainers Can Mix Up Routines for Fun Workouts

Wayde Wong Personal Trainer Houston

Author: Wayde Wong – Personal Trainer, Houston, TX

Making Fitness Fun!

This Saturday morning was no different than a lot of previous Saturdays with the exception of the cold temperatures.  We’re not talking about a few degrees cooler, but 27 degrees was what we woke up to this fine morning.  What you have to understand is that most Houstonians aren’t accustomed to temperatures in the 40s never mind something well below that.  This is a city that goes in to shock with the slightest mention of snow in the forecast.  The only way you get a person out of their nice warm bed at 8:00 am to go workout is, if you promised them hot coffee and donuts. We had neither of these to offer them; yet they came.

I’ve been running our group workouts for the past 3 years before handing it over to my son. I’ve always wondered why they came to our workouts.  I had thought it was my charming personality and wit, but my wife set me straight on that.  So it must the workouts, right?  There are a number of things that make a workout really memorable.  It’s not those ones that you couldn’t complete because the trainer running it wanted to prove just how poorly conditioned you were.  No, it’s the ones where the time goes by so quickly and you’re finished before you even know it.  That’s the kind of atmosphere I want to be in and that’s what we do for our members.

You have to ask yourself, “If it’s not fun for them, why would they want to spend their valuable time with you?”

Right, fun is one thing.  What about the workouts?  They have to be tough enough to challenge the individual so they see change in the physical appearance over time otherwise it’s nothing more than a social club.  Our toughest challenge is to keep everyone motivated during class to push through one barrier on to the next. Not an easy ask when you’ve had a hard day at the office and you’re mind is already on cruise control.

Our workouts are challenging enough for the seasoned marathoner, and yet can be scaled down for the first time newbie.

We incorporate everything from light weight training, to body weight training, from mobility to isometrics, from Olympic weightlifting to sandbag lifting.

We follow many popular workout out formats that are out there; EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute), Tabata (8 rounds of 20 sec work with 10 sec rest), AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible), AFAP (As Fast As Possible). If you recognize these formats, then you probably follow Crossfit®, as these have become some of their staples.

We tend to go with timed rounds with a fixed duration of work on one exercise before moving on to the next one.  This usually comprises on 8 to 10 exercise for 3 or 4 rounds.  The emphasis is on muscle groups, such as; upper body, lower body, core, cardio and legs.  Of course we’ll throw in a Tabata, to keep everyone on their toes. That’s what makes it fun.

The great thing about what we do is that it’s very seldom the same routine over and over again. You never know what you’re going to be doing until you show up for the workout.

So if you’re having trouble keeping your workouts fresh and fun, maybe what you need to do is to mix it up a little.  Try some different workouts until you find what you’re looking for.  Once you put the fun back in to working out the rest is easy!


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Tips on Throwing an Uppercut from BNB Level 2 Academy

Kevan Watson Personal Trainer

AUTHOR: Keven Watson, Box ‘N Burn Co-Owner & Founder

Our first Level 2 Box ‘N Burn Academy is this Sunday, February 19th.  We have plenty of new content that we will be sharing with all the attendees, including how to throw an uppercut!

Here’s a little teaser on how to throw a mechanically sound uppercut – always remembering to recoil the hand back to the face, as shown in this photo.

An uppercut, similar to the hook, is a short to mid-range punch which is used “inside the pocket”. We will use the mid-range uppercut thrown from the power hand, or back hand. An uppercut can be used to break through the hands of a tight guard, or to counter an opponent who is over reaching and leaning inwards, with their weight on the front foot.

Similar to a hook, it is one of the more difficult punches to master. 

The mechanics of a mid-range uppercut are very similar to the mechanics of a cross.

1. Throw the uppercut from the chin, driving through the floor, slightly rotating the back foot, hip and shoulder, into the punch.

2. As the body rotates into the punch, your elbow will drive off of your hip.

3. As the hand moves away from your chin, turn the hand so the palm faces inwards (towards the face), and the knuckles face outwards.

4. The uppercut will drive straight up the middle of the opponent’s defensive guard, aiming for the chin.

5. After connecting the punch, recoil the punch back to staring position, at the face, similar to how you see me pulling the punch back to my chin after landing it in the photo above (I am on the left).


DO NOT over extend the punch. This will expose openings in your own guard.

DO NOT load up for this punch by lowering the hand much lower than the chin before throwing.

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