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10 Tips for Retired Boxers on a Career Teaching Boxing for Fitness  The boxing fitness industry can be a great choice for retiring boxers looking for a new career Ten years ago, a boxer hanging up
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR GLENN HOLMES: Glenn Holmes is Boxing, Performance Coach,  Fitness Director & Co-Creator of BNB Academy. Box 'N Burn Academy now offers an Online Certification that launched in October, 2017. You can learn the
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Author: SEO EXPERT & Web Designer Michelle Farrell of I Ain't Your Momma, Santa Monica, CA   15 Tips on How Personal Trainers Can Get New Clients for FREE As a personal trainer you need to
Shadow boxing is great for a number of reasons. It’s the perfect way to warm up specific muscles before you start your boxing session as you will be moving around: Use your legs, move your head, relax
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Footwork is the best form of defense. The reason is that if you're not there to be hit, how can they hit you?  Other defenses include slipping, rolling, leaning back, blocking, and parrying. They can all