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Boxing & Fitness Has Saved My Life!

Boxing & Fitness Has Saved My Life! By Guest Blogger and Certified BNB Trainer Kristy May IG: @Kmayfitness/   My whole upbringing as a child had been pretty traumatic from having drug-addicted parents to being moved around foster homes &

Building success with Box ‘N Burn

Building Success with Box ‘N Burn Article by guest blogger and Certified BNB Trainer: Stuart Holt – UK Personal Trainer/Coach Instagram: sh_bodykinetics Website: I have eight years experience in the UK fitness industry, developing a passion for boxing, strength

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Behind the Scenes at Box ‘N Burn Academy held at EIS Sheffield, UK

By Glenn Holmes August 2018 🙏🏼 so inspiring being with a top notch group of fitness professionals at such a legendary gym, the English Institute of Sport / GB Boxing HQ: an incredible Olympic facility! Thank you everyone for turning

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Top 10 Tips for Fighters to Help Prevent Injuries

FIGHTERS will always get injured, fact! Boxing is rough and it’s very hard on the body. Just about all fighters will compete with an injury or at least a little niggle here or there, but you won’t normally find out

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How To Burn 500-700+ Calories An Hour While Having Fun!

If getting into shape is part of your New Year’s resolution then I would highly recommend boxing is the way to go! The amount of benefits you will gain from boxing training is endless! You will shed a tremendous amount

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You fight like a girl.

AUTHOR: Joe Buckner originally posted in  The Art of Pugilism Boxing is and has always been one of the best full body workouts that you can do and women around the country are making Boxing Fitness a big part of their

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10 Tips for Retired Boxers on a Career Teaching Boxing for Fitness 

The boxing fitness industry can be a great choice for retiring boxers looking for a new career Ten years ago, a boxer hanging up his gloves didn’t have much to fall back on. Now, boxing for fitness is one of

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Educating coaches on effective hand wrapping techniques – LV 1 online course

ABOUT THE AUTHOR GLENN HOLMES: Glenn Holmes is Boxing, Performance Coach,  Fitness Director & Co-Creator of BNB Academy. Box ‘N Burn Academy now offers an Online Certification that launched in October, 2017. You can learn the fundamentals of boxing and

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15 Tips on How Personal Trainers Can Get New Clients for FREE

Author: SEO EXPERT & Web Designer Michelle Farrell of I Ain’t Your Momma, Santa Monica, CA As a personal trainer you need to start to think and act like a BUSINESS. You are a BRAND! Start to build your brand

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Why We Shadow Boxing & Its Benefits

Shadow boxing is great for a number of reasons. It’s the perfect way to warm up specific muscles before you start your boxing session as you will be moving around: Use your legs, move your head, relax the shoulders, throw some

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