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Tony Jeffries training

Box ‘N Burn has brought boxing fitness to the forefront of the fitness industry worldwide by offering a unique and unparalleled training style and environment.

First and foremost, boxing is addictive, Rewarding, stress relieving, and most importantly FUN!

The B’NB  formula for fitness training is not only appealing to a wide range of individuals for these reasons, but it’s also highly effective in achieving a variety of fitness and health goals no matter where any one individual may be on their fitness journey.
We’ve had tremendous success with individuals from all walks of life including professional fighters and pro athletes, amateur athletes, adults, kids, troubled adolescents, geriatrics, physically disabled, obese, and mentally ill, just to name a few.
Our boxing methods are derived from proven Olympian and professional level boxing principles and techniques. Our functional fitness and strength training regimen is a mixture of movements and exercises that are not only progressive and comprehensive but systematically complimentary to the boxing training. Meshing these methods and ideologies together has truly re-defined the meaning of ‘cross-training.’

Tony Jeffries training

 Box ‘N Burn | California’s #1 Gym
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Santa Monica: (310) 392-2651

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