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Learn how to teach boxing at the World's #1 Boxing Fitness Course!

Austin, TX: January 6th & 7th – BNB Level 1 & Steel Mace Combo

Steel Mace Mindful Mechanics & BNB Level 1 Certification Combo – 2 Day Class

You’ll save $50 by buying the combo! 

ONNIT Academy, 4401 Freidrich Lane, #301, Austin, TX 78744

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Steel Mace Mindful Mechanics & BNB Level 1 Certification Combo – 2 Day Class

You’ll save $50 by buying the combo! 

ONNIT Academy, 4401 Freidrich Lane, #301, Austin, TX 78744

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Course Date: January 7, 2018



ONNIT Academy

4401 Freidrich Lane, #301
Austin, TX 78744

2 DAY CLASS – Saturday, January 6th – STEEL MACE and on Sunday, January 7th –  BNB Level 1
Class is at 9:30 AM – 5 PM
Please arrive by 9:15 AM each day
There will be a 1 hour lunch break.

Steel Mace Mindful Mechanics Seminar – Sat. January 6th 


 Onnit Academy Steel Mace Master Coach Erik “Esik” Melland shares his Steel Mace Curriculum to help people get deeper with the concept of “Strength Training” with the Steel Mace
In this course, you will learn to coach, perform and programming Steel Mace training.
Teaching the fundamentals first to bring you a “flow” which I call, “Mindful Mechanics”. This helps the body become open to more range of motion, to restore strength in imbalances. It also acts as a great feedback tool for your central nervous system. Radiating the body through greater ranges, to move more freely and confident with the strength you are building up.
This is also considering that everyone be using a heavier Steel Mace.
Men: 20/25lbs
Women: 10/15lbs
Must be certified/experienced with the Steel Mace to take this course.
This is not a beginners course. As I expect everyone to follow along efficiently and to avoid potential injury by meeting these standards of having experience/certified.
BOX N BURN LEVEL 1 – Sunday, January 7th

 The Academy Level 1 certification course includes hands-on practical education of:– Correct hand wrapping.

– Basics of a training session; safety and injury prevention, warm up, group training, cool down, etc.

– Learn and teach correct punching technique.

– Correct pad holding technique & how to structure professional boxing combinations

– The qualities of an elite trainer.
You’ll receive:

BNB Certified Boxing T-shirt


A professional video of your mitt work assessment
Professional photos of the entire day
Life time access to Academy Online Library
Level 1 Certified boxing trainer certificate
180” custom BNB hand wraps
Discount on all BNB merchandise on the day
24/7 support

Here’s what our trained coaches are saying:

  1. valentinlopez22 -

    Excellent course, very well organized and the BnB method is a great tool for teaching boxing step by step to others, also you receive feedback from true peofessionals, I have really enjoyed it.
  2. melissa_lokovic -

    I recently completed the level 1 online course. This is a very well thought out course with easy to follow instructional videos. Very good demonstration of beginner boxing techniques for both you and your clients. The feedback that you receive is very informative, detailed and helpful.
  3. Brandon Kersey -

    Highly recommend this course for trainers along with business owners. Great system to teach boxing to clients and great marketing and systems for business owners too! Well worth the investment
  4. Alfonso Frazier -

    Awesome course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in boxing fitness. Definitly a tool to put in your arsenal of fitness regiment.
  5. Maggie Sniffen -

    I've done both level 1 and level 2 with BNB. I have zero boxing experience, just a huge love and appreciation for Box N' Burn and what these guys have to offer. I actually decided to do Level 1 just as a way to stay involved with BNB when I moved away from Southern California. I had no real intention of using it, just curious as to how learning to teach boxing would help my own technique. Now I am the lead boxing trainer at a gym in Turlock, CA and owe it all to BNB and the BNB academy. You guys are the best!
  6. Ayad Mirjan -

    I've attended over 20 different training workshops/certifications over the years, and I can unequivocally say that the Box 'N Burn Academy cert was the most beneficial to my personal training career. I learned everything I needed to know about how to teach boxing to novice and experienced boxers alike. After the BNB cert, I heavily and successfully incorporated boxing training in 99% of my personal training sessions. The best cert out there hands down. I'd recommend it to all my friends.
  7. Jennifer Fite -

    Best online course I’ve taken. Most of them don’t truly test your knowledge & the skills you’ve learned, but these guys take the time to review it personally & give you feedback along the way. They break down the fundamentals of boxing in an easy & retainable way. I had already been teaching group boxing fitness classes, but I came away with more tools & cues to help me become a better Instructor. Looking forward to Level II.
  8. Jodi Loomis -

    We have been through both Level 1 and 2 certifications, and can't wait for what they will have next. The classes are so informative and well thought out, and they are all excellent teachers. You won't be dissapointed!
  9. James Perchlak -

    The box n burn certification level 1 and level 2 are hands down a great course. It's all hands on. The best part of it is the amount of fun it is, everyone smiling and laughing the entire time, very supportive cast of instructors teaching you how to teach boxing, hold mitts and string combos together for your clients.
  10. Paolo Pecchia -

    Recently finished the online Box n Burn course, it's easy to follow, it sticks to the basics and is a great head start for a trainer.
  11. Jack -

    Best certificate I have ever taken!! All I can say to be honest, you have to find out. Sign up now you won’t be disappointed this is the real deal !
  12. Chris Viggiano -

    Glenn, Tony and Kevin do an amazing job of breaking details of Boxing down to the fundamentals. Whether you’re a beginner or have been Boxing for some time you could find value or a lesson In this course. And create a new network of some incredible trainers and coaches! Highly recommend!!
  13. Jack Cruz -

    The Box 'N Burn certifications are top notch training. You start with the basic principles and build your foundation. Learning to train someone gives you the knowledge you need to better your own skills as well as your clients skills. The Box 'N Burn team make the certification classes fun and easy to understand.
  14. Josh Anthony -

    This course will take you to the next level, no matter your experience level. It’s been 10 months after my level 1 cert and my career has seen so much improvement..can’t wait for level 2 in Orlando next month!
  15. Joe Buckner -

    Fantastic course run by true professionals. Highly recommend
  16. Salami Stabone -

    The team runs an incredible course. It has brought huge value to my personal training!

Austin, TX: January 6th & 7th – BNB Level 1 & Steel Mace Combo