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Dover, NH: Sunday, April 29th – Level 1


SEACOAST KETTLEBELL, 23 Horne St. | Dover, NH 03820

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Course Date: April 29, 2018


Learn how to teach boxing from the industry leaders in boxing fitness and obtain our invaluable trade secrets gained from teaching tens of thousands how to box and how to teach boxing.

Boxing is the biggest trend in fitness right now, everyone wants to box, but not every coach knows how to teach it correctly or effectively.

If you’re looking into doing this course as a personal trainer, we guarantee your clients will thank you!

Adding boxing to your skill set will make you stand out in a saturated field of personal training.

The BNB Academy is the world’s number 1 boxing fitness certification & education program, that teaches you the fundamentals of boxing as well as how to teach boxing fitness to others.

The course is perfect for personal trainers, fitness professionals and boxing & fitness enthusiasts.

The certification will perfect your technique, your mitt work, coaching skills and expand your boxing knowledge.

We aim to provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Bronze medalist Tony Jeffries of Britain shows off his bronze medal after Kenny Egan of Ireland fought Zhang Xiaoping of China, for the gold during the men's light heavyweight 81 final boxing match at the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Sunday, Aug. 24, 2008.  (AP Photo/Murad Sezer)

“You don’t have to have been a boxer to teach boxing”

– Tony Jeffries, Olympic medalist boxer & BNB Academy Co-Creator/instructor

The BNB Academy courses were created by the team of people that brought boxing fitness to the forefront of the fitness industry.

Est 2012, Box ‘N Burn was named #1 gym in California by Men Fitness Magazine and #1 boxing fitness class in the world…

Tony Jeffries … Bronze medalist in the 2008 Olympic Games for Great Britain, 106 fights in his career, winning x7 national titles and a European gold medal. Since then the former undefeated professional boxer has taught 10’s of thousands of people how to box and how to teach boxing using the BNB method.

Kevan Watson … created the famous Box ‘N Burn fitness class. A former athlete, amateur boxer & S&C coach for the UC Kentucky basketball team. Undefeated in his short amatuer boxing career and now well-known for his world class mitt work and coaching others how to use mittwork effectively with clients.

Glenn “Six figure” Holmes … one of USA’s most successful personal trainers with a huge list of high profile clientele. He is the fitness director at Box ‘N Burn & the co-creator of the Academy certification. Glenn revels in sharing his passion, knowledge & effective strategies on to how to build powerful relationships, retain clientele and succeed in a highly competitive industry. His in-depth & highly valuable lecture is part of the level 1 course.

What you will learn…

Level 1

  • Wrapping hands effectively for boxing
  • Boxing specific warm up
  • How to box (we teach you the real fundamentals of boxing)
  • How to and why we shadow box
  • How to hit the heavy bag for technique & HIIT
  • How to teach the fundamentals of boxing (BNB Method)
  • Lecture “How to Build relationships and retain clients” w/ Glenn Holmes
  • Safety first – Mitts
  • How to hold the mitts and build basic combinations

Level 2

  • Advanced hand wrapping for boxing fitness
  • Advanced boxing specific warm up
  • Advanced boxing: punches, footwork & defence
  • How to teach advanced boxing
  • Lecture “How to use social media to build clientele & brand yourself as an elite fitness professional w/ Tony Jeffries
  • How to hold the mitts for advanced punches
  • How to build endless combination punches

What you receive…

  • Certified Boxing trainer T-shirt
  • Access to the full online video library (never forget anything you learn)
  • 180” BNBA custom handwraps
  • Exclusive access to our BNB Certified Faceoook trainer page
  • Notepad, Pen, Laptop Stickers
  • Your personal Mitt Work assessment video
  • Professional pictures from the entire day

We Wanted to keep this as affordable as possible for you.

Class is from 9:30 AM – 5 PM. Please arrive early at 9:15 AM.

There will be a 1 hour lunch break.

23 Horne St.
Dover, NH 03820

CALL BNB Santa Monica, California, if you have questions 310-407-9676

Here’s what our trained coaches are saying:

  • Maggie Sniffen
      “This decision has changed my life. I now run boxing fitness classes that are consistently full.”

    There aren’t enough positive things I can say about the Box N’ Burn academy and the amazing men who founded it. Tony, Kevan, and Glenn are not only incredible teachers and trainers, but their passion for what they do has ignited a movement around the world that I am lucky enough to have caught on to. I am beyond grateful to know them and have had the chance to learn from them in both Box N’ Burn Academy Levels. I decided to take the Level 1 Academy simply for the reason to stay connected with Box N’ Burn after I moved away from the LA area. I had zero mitt work experience before the Academy, just a love of boxing after spending only a few months training at Box N’ Burn in Santa Monica and listening to the Box N’ Life Podcast.

    This decision has changed my life. I now run a boxing fitness class in Turlock, CA at a gym owned by my now good friend (who I met at the Level 1 Academy) and my classes are not only consistently full, but also often have a waitlist. What started off as some extra pocket money has turned into a steady stream of income. All while doing something that is fun, exciting, thought provoking, and helps others become their best selves! I didn’t enter into the Academy like most people. I’m not a trainer by profession. I’m a dance professor, but something that Tony, Kevan, and Glenn have all taught me either via the academies or just in conversation, is that I can take the education I have received from them and apply it in a way that fits for me. That is exactly what I’ve done.

    Tony, Kevan, and Glenn have taught me more than just how to teach boxing. Taking both levels of the Box N’ Burn Academy has given me the tools to design a life that incorporates my many passions. I cannot recommend the academies enough. If you apply the tools they teach you, it could change your life. It has definitely changed mine and I couldn’t be more grateful.
  • jake kaltenbach
      “Phenomenal ”

    This was a great program that really pieced together teaching the basics and fundamentals of boxing. I feel confident that I can teach others these same techniques and help them better understand boxing.
  • Johnnyfay

    The hands on training Tony, Glenn, Kevin, and all the Box and Burn trainers was more than I could have asked for. The inviting atmosphere they have created to learn is second to none. Thanks for the awesome weekend!
  • RJ
      “Making dreams happen...”

    I can safely say your passion and drive in 2018 has landed and is here to stay in 2019.... Thanks for teaching me a new skill set that is rewarding, healthy and keeps me focused & challenged! You kept dreaming big and now you are achieving your goals. Faster, stronger & focused you keep pushing us & yourself on your journey. Thank you 🙏🏽 Top Coach. Top Man. Top Box n Burn 🥊
  • joseph.maniulit
      “"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."”

    The Box 'N Burn Academy is top notch. Great Atmosphere, great instructors and are very humble. They are very knowledgeable and know how to teach boxing. I participated in the level 1 Boxing trainer course and will definitely be back for the level 2 trainer certification. Thank you Box 'N Burn Academy's staff and trainers for an awesome learning experience.
  • dbboxing2018
      “Hands down the best program for fitness trainers for the sport I love most!”

    I was highly impressed by EVERYTHING that went on during the two training courses I participated in. I was skeptical before I had even signed up. Reading the quote that is posted over and over again, "You don't have to have been a fighter to teach boxing", really bugged me at first. But after learning the system you guys are teaching people, that statement is absolutely correct! Before the end of the Level 2 course, my fellow classmates were all holding the mitts like seasoned vets of the sport, teaching the fundamentals like they'd been doing it for years. I have a much higher respect for what you guys do, putting these courses on and showing us how it's done. And it's not a bad thing to put myself through refresher to keep my own skills sharp, even after 13 years of boxing experience for both the fitness and competitive scene. The biggest part of my learning experience came in the "behind-the-scenes' part of the training. How to build and keep clients, how to manage your own marketing, and building your brand to do the marketing, were some of the things that I really paid attention to. Teaming that info with the great teachings of some badass fitness boxing instructors makes for a solid set of weapons to take your own fitness programs to a whole new level! Thank you guys for everything!
  • bloominfriends
      “i will not be discouraged by how far I have to go, instead I will be excited about where I’m headed”

    I loved this class. It was fun and informative. I look forward to taking Level II in December. Glenn and Tony were great to work with.
  • ted
      “Wanna be the best then you gotta learn from the best ”

    Amazing. I reach all of my goals attending this workshop. I have already started using the techniques that I learned at it is making a huge difference. I can't thank Tony and Glenn enough.
  • Mgear14u
      “Want be the best learn from the best.”

    I enjoyed learning from the best in the boxing fitness industry. Truly inspiring class. Great vibes. World top trainers Glen and Tony are down to earth mates.
  • alieftekharian
      “Best boxing certification program !! ”

    Awesome 2 day session in Dover . Gained a lot of knowledge and valuable tips on teaching boxing . Great to meet Tony, Kevin and Glen . They genuinely want to share their insights and knowledge and see you succeed !!
  • valentinlopez22
      ...a great tool for teaching boxing step by step to others...

    Excellent course, very well organized and the BnB method is a great tool for teaching boxing step by step to others, also you receive feedback from true professionals, I have really enjoyed it.
  • melissa_lokovic
      The feedback that you receive is very informative, detailed and helpful.

    I recently completed the level 1 online course. This is a very well thought out course with easy to follow instructional videos. Very good demonstration of beginner boxing techniques for both you and your clients. The feedback that you receive is very informative, detailed and helpful.
  • Brandon Kersey
      Well worth the investment!

    Highly recommend this course for trainers along with business owners. Great system to teach boxing to clients and great marketing and systems for business owners too! Well worth the investment.
  • Alfonso Frazier
      Definitely a tool to put in your arsenal of fitness regiment.

    Awesome course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in boxing fitness. Definitely a tool to put in your arsenal of fitness regiment.
  • Ayad Mirjan
      I've attended over 20 different training workshops/certifications over the years, and I can unequivocally say that the Box 'N Burn Academy cert was the most beneficial to my personal training career......The best cert out there hands down.

    I've attended over 20 different training workshops/certifications over the years, and I can unequivocally say that the Box 'N Burn Academy cert was the most beneficial to my personal training career.I learned everything I needed to know about how to teach boxing to novice and experienced boxers alike. After the BNB cert, I heavily and successfully incorporated boxing training in 99% of my personal training sessions. The best cert out there hands down. I'd recommend it to all my friends.
  • Jennifer Fite
      Best online course I’ve taken....They break down the fundamentals of boxing in an easy & retainable way.

    Best online course I’ve taken. Most of them don’t truly test your knowledge & the skills you’ve learned, but these guys take the time to review it personally & give you feedback along the way. They break down the fundamentals of boxing in an easy & retainable way. I had already been teaching group boxing fitness classes, but I came away with more tools & cues to help me become a better Instructor. Looking forward to Level II.
  • Jodi Loomis
      ...can't wait for what they will have next.

    We have been through both Level 1 and 2 certifications, and can't wait for what they will have next. The classes are so informative and well thought out, and they are all excellent teachers. You won't be dissapointed!
  • James Perchlak
      The best part of it is the amount of fun it is!

    The box n burn certification level 1 and level 2 are hands down a great course. It's all hands on. The best part of it is the amount of fun it is, everyone smiling and laughing the entire time, very supportive cast of instructors teaching you how to teach boxing, hold mitts and string combos together for your clients.
  • Paolo Pecchia
      ...a great head start for a trainer.

    Recently finished the online Box n Burn course, it's easy to follow, it sticks to the basics and is a great head start for a trainer.
  • Jack
      Sign up now you won’t be disappointed this is the real deal!

    Best certificate I have ever taken!! All I can say to be honest, you have to find out. Sign up now you won’t be disappointed this is the real deal!
  • Chris Viggiano
      Whether you’re a beginner or have been Boxing for some time you could find value or a lesson in this course.

    Glenn, Tony and Kevin do an amazing job of breaking details of Boxing down to the fundamentals. Whether you’re a beginner or have been Boxing for some time you could find value or a lesson in this course. And create a new network of some incredible trainers and coaches! Highly recommend!!
  • Jack Cruz
      The Box 'N Burn team make the certification classes fun and easy to understand.

    The Box 'N Burn certifications are top notch training. You start with the basic principles and build your foundation. Learning to train someone gives you the knowledge you need to better your own skills as well as your clients skills. The Box 'N Burn team make the certification classes fun and easy to understand.
  • Josh Anthony
      This course will take you to the next level, no matter your experience level.

    This course will take you to the next level, no matter your experience level. It’s been 10 months after my level 1 cert and my career has seen so much improvement... can’t wait for level 2 in Orlando next month!
  • Joe Buckner
      Fantastic course run by true professionals.

    Fantastic course run by true professionals. Highly recommend!
  • Tony Jeffries

    Hi, thanks for the message I appreciate it, I put a lot of pride into my blogs mate :) Tony
  • Olapade oladosun

    Hi how are you doing hop you are good and fine, my name is Olapade oladosun am from fct Abuja Nigeria I'm a boxing and fitness coach pls I won to no more about the coaching of boxing and fitness training thank you
  • FightBest

    That is a pretty good article - covering all of the aspects. Keep up the good work!
  • Tony Jeffries

    This is great
  • Salami Stabone
      ...brought huge value to my personal training!

    The team runs an incredible course. It has brought huge value to my personal training!