Level 1 Online Course


CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE – ONLINE COURSE IS DOWN FOR SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE – please check back 1/1/18. Box ‘N Burn Online Academy – Level 1 gives you the same Level 1 boxing fitness certification as our in-person course but allows you to learn at your own pace from anywhere with a good WIFI connection, at any time that is convenient for you.


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There are 46 video lessons. Watch and learn at your own time and pace.

After watching a video lesson you will need to answer some multiple-choice questions correctly to progress further. You will also be required to make 3 videos of yourself executing what you’ve learned. Simply upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo (it can be set to private, you do not have to show it to the public), then paste the link to your video into the course area.

We will watch your videos and grade you. If we pass you, you will receive your Box ‘N Burn Level 1 Certification! If we feel you still need to work on your technique, we will give you constructive pointers so you can perfect the movements before submitting a new video(s) to be graded again. 

The Box ‘N Burn Online Academy gives you the same Level 1 boxing fitness certification as our in-person course but allows you to learn at your own pace from anywhere with a good WIFI connection, at any time.

What you learn from the course:

-How to properly wrap hands
-How to execute and coach a boxing specific warm-up
-How to box with real basic fundamentals
-How to teach boxing
-How and why we shadow box
-The correct way to hit a heavy bag and why we use them
-How to use the heavy bag for high-intensity training
-The qualities of a good personal trainer
-How to hit the focus mitts
-Safety measures of holding the focus mitts
-How to hold the focus mitts and build combinations

The course has three sections:

– SECTION 1: Getting Started
– SECTION 2: How to Box
– SECTION 3: Mitt-work

These sections are broken down into detailed lessons, all taught via video and the official Box ‘N Burn Academy method. After each video lesson, you will have a series of questions testing you on the information you learned in the video tutorial.

You will be given access to the first two sections (Getting Started and How to Box). Once you complete these sections and satisfactorily answer all questions, you will then submit your own demonstration videos for assessment by the Box ‘N Burn Academy team.

At this point, the team will give personal feedback on each video.  If the video demo successfully demonstrates that you have learned the content at a satisfactory level, you will then be given access to the final section (Mitt-work).  We will be with you every step of the way giving you constructive feedback and encouragement!

The Mitt-work section follows the same format as the Getting Started and How to Box sections, with video tutorials and follow-up questions. You will be required to submit a video at the end of this section for final assessment demonstrating proficient mitt-work skills before earning your certification.

Becoming Certified:

Once certified, we will send you:
– Box ‘N Burn Academy Certified Boxing Trainer t-shirt
– Certificate of Completion.
– full access to the “Certified Trainer Area” on the Academy website, which is packed with video content, so you can review anything you have learned from the course, as well as marketing materials to use.
– Information on how to join our private membership “Certified Academy Trainers” Facebook group, where you will be part of the growing Box ‘N Burn trainer community!


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