Box N Burn Academy
Hands-On Boxing & Fitness Certification Course

World’s #1 Boxing for Fitness Course.
The Academy is for fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers who want to learn how to teach our highly effective boxing workout routines.
It's a full-day, hands-on course that teaches you how to teach boxing for fitness to your clients.
Certification includes the listed Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Approved CEUs - NASM 0.7 - ACE 0.8 - AFAA 6 - ISSA 7



August 20, 2017 – Denver, CO – Level 1 Certification – REGISTER BEFORE JULY 24th for $100 OFF!
September 17, 2017 – Phoenix, AZ – Level 1 Certification – REGISTER BEFORE AUGUST 18th for $100 OFF!
October 8, 2017 – San Jose, CA – Level 1 Certification
November 5, 2017 – Santa Monica, CA – Level 1 Certification
February 11, 2018 – Chicago, IL – Level 1 Certification


Level 2 is an advanced course. You MUST be Level 1 Certified to take Level 2

December 3, 2017 – Santa Monica, CA – Level 2 Certification
We understand that not everyone can make the trip to Santa Monica or Los Angeles to learn from our amazing trainers and staff. With so many people reaching out to us about the desire to take part in the Academy, we have decided to make the course available to you wherever you are! Please contact us for more details about the launch of our online course and hosting an Academy course in your own city.
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If you want to take a boxing for fitness class at
BNB Gym in Santa Monica or Brentwood, California,
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Approved Continuing Education Units for Personal Trainers
NASM 0.7ISSA 0.9ACE 0.8 – AFAA 7.0



Box N Burn Academy is a Boxing Fitness Certification Course designed to educate fitness professionals, boxing coaches, and boxing & fitness enthusiasts in the field of boxing for fitness, and to help them understand and acquire the knowledge behind boxing as functional fitness training.

We combine the principles of professional boxing training and functional fitness training to form a unique training regime.

The course will provide the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills,  and hands-on training to structure safe and effective Box N Burn boxing for fitness training classes and sessions with your own clients in a private or group settings.

The Box ‘N Burn Academy is a full day training program, courses are held in Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Austin, Denver, or by arrangement at your facility.

Level 1 BNB Academy Certification:

FEE – $349

Early Bird Registration Discount

Signup 30 days prior to most class dates and receive a $100 discount.

PAY $249


You’ll learn:

– How to teach the fundamentals of boxing
– Prevention and safety measures such as the use of hand wraps
– How to instruct correct form and punching technique
– How to perform basic mitt work and structure combinations
– How to incorporate boxing techniques into your training plans

 You’ll receive:

  • BNB Certified Boxing T-shirt
  • A professional video of your mittwork assessment
  • Professional photos of the entire day
  • Life time access to Academy Online Library with videos and online manual
  • Level 1 Certified boxing trainer certificate
  • 180” custom BNB hand wraps
  • Discount on all BNB merchandise on the day
  • Experience in assisting teaching 2 BNB classes
  • 24/7 support

Level 2 BNB Certification

FEE – $449

Early Bird Registration Discount

Signup 30 days prior to most class dates and receive a $100 discount.

PAY $349

You MUST be LEVEL 1 Certified to take this advanced course.

Course is designed to further advance and equip all Level 1 graduates with more advanced boxing techniques and mitt work.  Taking the Level 2 course will ensure you’re ready to take the fitness & boxing industry by storm!

You’ll learn:

  •  Advanced, professional boxing hand wrapping techniques
  •  Extended boxing mitt work combinations and learn how to build them into longer combinations that look great and provide an amazing  workout
  • Advanced defensive techniques, including slipping and rolling multiple punches, and using a wide range of counter punches.
  • Advanced boxing footwork.
  • Social media and marketing best practices for personal trainers and those with careers in the fitness industry to help increase your following, online presence and exposure as a trainer
  • How to effectively run a successful group fitness class to give the best results possible.

 You’ll receive:

  • BNB Certified Boxing trainer Training Bag
  • A professional video of your mittwork assessment
  • Professional photos of the entire day
  • Exclusive access to the new Level 2 online video tutorial library and online manual
  • 180” BNB Handwraps
  • Level 2 Certified boxing trainer certificate


NASM 0.7

ACE 0.8




Work alongside & learn from some of the best boxing fitness trainers in the world from California’s #1 gym Box N Burn including 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist boxer Tony Jeffries.



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