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Learn how to teach boxing at the World's #1 Boxing Fitness Course!

Learn how to teach boxing & discover invaluable trade secrets from the boxing fitness industry leaders

Boxing is one of the biggest and fastest growing trends in fitness right now.

Everyone wants to box, but the problem is not all coaches know how to teach boxing.

In fact, there are very few coaches who can teach boxing safely and effectively in order to get their clients the best results possible.

We’ve successfully taught tens of thousands of people how to box.

When you become a Box ‘N Burn Certified Boxing Coach you will be able to provide a valuable service your clients will pay top dollar for. Plus, you’ll have new clients knocking down your doors.

This course is perfect for personal trainers, fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts.

By taking this course we guarantee you will stand out as a fitness professional in a saturated & trendy industry.

Even if you’re a world class boxer, knowing how to talk the same language and relate to a beginner can be difficult without a simple system like ours that has logical progressions of the basic boxing fundamentals.

Not only will you learn the fundamentals of boxing and how to teach those fundamentals to a beginner, you will also learn about building your clientele with tips on retaining clients, extending your social media & marketing reach, as well as branding yourself & your business.

We aim to provide you with everything you need to succeed!

Tony Jeffries Olympic Boxer

“You don’t have to have been a boxer to teach boxing”

– Tony Jeffries, Olympic medalist boxer & BNB Academy Co-Creator/instructor

What you will learn…


  • Wrapping hands effectively for boxing
  • Boxing specific warm up
  • How to box (we teach you the real fundamentals of boxing)
  • How to and why we shadow box
  • How to teach the fundamentals of boxing (BNB Method)
  • Safety first – Mitts
  • How to hold the mitts and build basic combinations


Level 2

  • Advanced hand wrapping for boxing fitness
  • Advanced boxing specific warm up
  • Advanced boxing: punches, footwork & defence
  • How to teach advanced boxing
  • How to hold the mitts for advanced punches
  • How to build endless combination punches


After each lesson you will need to answer multiple choice questions to move on to the next lesson. You will also be required to upload 3 videos in level 1 and 6 videos in level 2 of you executing the techniques you just learned. Box ’n burn academy staff will watch and grade your videos and give you feedback.


  1. Certificate from the most reputable boxing fitness certification to get your clients faster results and grow your business.
  2. 24/7 access to the full video online video library so you can stay sharp and up speed on everything you learned.
  3. Exclusive access to our certified trainer Facebook group for feedback, support, and guidance to use your new certification to grow your business.
  4. Your personal mitt work assessment video which can be one of the most effective tools when trying to improve and correct mistakes.
  5. Professional pictures of you from the entire day which you can use for your own marketing and social media.
  6. 180” custom hand wraps so you can wrap hands like a professionally & safely.
  7. Certified Boxing Trainer T-Shirt which can be worn to promote your new skill set.
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The creators of the BNB Academy brought boxing fitness to the forefront of the fitness industry. Established in 2012, the Box ‘N Burn gym was named the #1 gym in California by Men’s Fitness & Yelp.

Box N Burn Academy Training

Tony Jeffries … bronze medalist in the 2008 Olympic Games for Great Britain, 106 fights in his career, winning x7 national titles and a European gold medal. Since then the former undefeated professional boxer has taught 10’s of thousands of people how to box and how to teach boxing using the BNB method.

Kevan Watson … created the famous Box ‘N Burn fitness class. Kevan is a former high level multi-sport amateur athlete & boxer and Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for the University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Team. He was undefeated in his amateur boxing fights and is now well known for his world class mitt work and coaching others how to use mitt work effectively with clients.

Glenn “Six figure” Holmes … one of USA’s most successful personal trainers with a huge list of high profile clientele. He is the fitness director at Box ‘N Burn & the co-creator of the Academy certification. Glenn revels in sharing his passion, knowledge & effective strategies on to how to build powerful relationships, retain clientele and succeed in a highly competitive industry.

Box N Burn Academy Training

  Learn in your own time and at your own speed

  Become a certified boxing fitness trainer

  Continued online support


  • Box ‘N Burn Academy Certified Boxing Trainer T-SHIRT, 180″ HANDWRAPS, NOTE PAD, BNB PEN, Boxing trainer laptop STICKER
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Full access to the “Certified Trainer Area” on the Academy website, which is packed with video content, so you can review anything you have learned from the course, as well as marketing materials to use. Videos can be watched to refresh your skills so you never forget any thing you have learned!
  • Information on how to join our private membership “Certified Academy Trainers” Facebook group, where you will be part of the growing Box ‘N Burn trainer community! Join the private community, ask questions and build relationships.


SECTION 1: Getting Started  |  SECTION 2: How to Box  |  SECTION 3: Mitt-work

These sections are broken down into detailed lessons, all taught via video and the official Box ‘N Burn Academy method. After each video lesson, you will have a series of questions testing you on the information you learned in the video tutorial.

You will be given access to the first two sections (Getting Started and How to Box). Once you complete these sections and satisfactorily answer all questions, you will then submit your own demonstration videos for assessment by the Box ‘N Burn Academy team.

At this point, the team will give personal feedback on each video. If the video demo successfully demonstrates that you have learned the content at a satisfactory level, you will then be given access to the final section (Mitt-work). We will be with you every step of the way giving you constructive feedback and encouragement!

The Mitt-work section follows the same format as the Getting Started and How to Box sections, with video tutorials and follow-up questions. You will be required to submit a video at the end of this section for final assessment demonstrating proficient mitt-work skills before earning your certification.

Stand out from your competition, get your clients better results, retain more clients, grow your business exponentially, & earn more money!

  • Level 1 Online Course

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  • Level 2 Online Course

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  • Level 1 & 2 Online Course Combo

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