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Box N Burn Academy is a Boxing Fitness Certification Course designed to educate fitness professionals, boxing coaches, and boxing & fitness enthusiasts in the field of boxing for fitness, and to help them understand and acquire the knowledge behind boxing as functional fitness training.

We combine the principles of professional boxing training and functional fitness training to form a unique training regime.

The course will provide the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills,  and hands-on training to structure safe and effective Box N Burn boxing for fitness training classes and sessions with your own clients in a private or group settings.

The Box ‘N Burn Academy is a full day, hands-on training program and online certification course. Live, hands-on courses can be held at your facility anywhere in the world. Click link to learn more about hosting an Academy course at your facility


We understand that not everyone can make the trip to a hands-on course to learn from our amazing team. With so many people reaching out to us about the desire to take part in the Academy, we have now made both Level 1 & Level 2 courses available for you online. Click link for more information about taking the courses online.

Box N Burn Academy Training

Tony Jeffries

Bronze medalist in the 2008 Olympic Games for Great Britain, 106 fights in his career, winning x7 national titles and a European gold medal. Since retiring the former undefeated professional boxer has taught 10s of thousands of people how to box and how to teach boxing using the BNB method.

Kevan Watson

Created the famous Box ‘N Burn fitness class. Kevan is a former high level multi-sport amateur athlete & boxer and was Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for the University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Team. Undefeated in his amateur boxing fights he is renowned for his world class mitt work and his coaching clients how to use mitt work effectively.

Glenn Holmes

One of USA’s most successful personal trainers with an extensive list of high- profile clientele. He is the fitness director at Box ‘N Burn & the co-creator of the Academy certification. Glenn revels in sharing his passion, knowledge & effective strategies on to how to build powerful relationships, retain clientele and succeed in a highly competitive industry.

Learn from the best boxing fitness trainers in the world from California’s #1 gym Box ‘N Burn, including 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist boxer Tony Jeffries.


AFFA 6 | ACE 0.8 | NASM 0.7 | ISSA 7.0


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The History of Box ‘N Burn:

Box ‘N Burn was created and founded in Santa Monica, CA in late 2012 by Tony Jeffries and Kevan Watson.

Kevan had taken over as a manager of a boxing program at a local gym in late 2011 with hopes of building a successful and effective boxing and fitness program.

After Tony officially retired an undefeated professional boxer in 2012 due to injury, he applied for a boxing trainer position at the boxing gym Kevan had been managing.

The two instantly meshed and together they made a previously generic boxing program wildly successful in the matter of a few months.  They knew almost immediately after their early success that they wanted to have their own program and left this gym soon after.

Kevan and Tony took their innovative boxing and fitness boot camp style classes to the bluffs of downtown Santa Monica, CA, just down from the world famous Santa Monica Pier.  Shortly after the two coined the name ‘Box ‘N Burn’; little did they know this name would be recognized as the #1 gym in California a few short years later.

In the park they worked for donations only, and quickly gained a large following.  At this time Kevan and Tony needed help to manage the large classes and brought Glenn Holmes and Stephen Cain on board.

The team worked tirelessly, conducting BNB sessions morning and night, while roaming the streets of Los Angeles by day, looking for a commercial space to give Box ‘N Burn an official home.

Santa Monica bluffs personal trainers training outside

In October of 2012, the two walked into a warehouse which was a temporary Halloween store located at 1654 Lincoln Blvd, and would be available for lease beginning in November.  November 15th, 2012, Tony and Kevan signed their first commercial lease and finally had a home for Box ‘N Burn.

They began working on the space that very evening, and held the very first class at the now world famous Box ‘N Burn Boxing & Fitness Gym, on Friday, November 16th, 2012.

Box ‘N Burn quickly became the hottest boxing and fitness class in all of LA.  The Santa Monica gym rapidly filled to capacity and after just 18 months of being in operation, a second location was opened in Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA in July of 2015.

Box ‘N Burn Brentwood has mirrored the same success as Box ‘N Burn Santa Monica, and the duo aims to expand even more in the near future.

Box ‘N Burn Santa Monica and Brentwood are California’s premiere boxing and fitness facilities; they’re the fitness home for many high profile athletes and fighters, musicians, and Hollywood elite; it’s been featured in multiple TV shows, films, music videos, commercials, web series, podcasts, newspapers, magazines, and blogs.


In 2015 Men’s Fitness and Yelp ranked Box ‘N Burn as California’s #1 Gym, and #5 nationally. In 2016 BNB received recognition and sponsorship from Everlast Worldwide, the leading boxing brand and manufacturer in the world.

What is the Box ‘N Burn Academy?

In 2015, The Box ‘N Burn Academy was created and designed as an extension of Box ‘N Burn’s established brand and trademarked training style.

The academy was developed for personal trainers and fitness professionals, boxing coaches and trainers, as well as boxing and fitness enthusiasts.

The academy is aimed to not only break down and teach the very basic fundamentals of boxing for the attendees, but to equip the attendees with the tools and knowledge necessary to teach someone else how to box in the fitness capacity, safely and correctly.

We will show you how to combine those authentic hands-on boxing techniques in a functional approach to deliver a rare and highly effective formula for boxing and fitness training.

Box ‘N Burn Training Philosophy

Box ‘N Burn has brought boxing fitness to the forefront of the fitness industry world wide by offering a unique and unparalleled training style and environment. First and foremost, boxing is addictive, rewarding, stress relieving, and most importantly FUN!

The BNB formula for fitness training is not only appealing to a wide range of individuals for these reasons, but it’s also highly effective in achieving a variety of fitness and health goals no matter where any one individual may be on their fitness journey.

We’ve had tremendous success with individuals from all walks of life including professional fighters and athletes, amateur athletes, adults, kids, troubled adolescents, geriatrics, physically disabled, obese, and mentally ill, just to name a few.

Our boxing methods are derived from proven Olympian and professional level boxing principles and techniques.

Our functional fitness and strength training regimen is a mixture of movements and exercises that are not only progressive and comprehensive, but systematically complementary to the boxing training. Meshing these methods and ideologies together has truly re-defined the meaning of ‘cross-training’.

Benefits of  The Box ‘N Burn Method at a Glance:


  • Weight and fat loss
  • Muscle toning for the legs, core, arms, shoulders & back
  • Increase overall strength, core strength, power, endurance, agility, balance, coordination, reflexes & speed
  • Enhanced endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Self defense
  • Improved sleep


  • Increased confidence, self-esteem and sense of well being
  • Stress, anxiety and tension relief
  • Enhanced cerebral focus, concentration and discipline

The Fundamental Components of the Box ‘N Burn Method:


  • Above all else, boxing offers a genuinely fun and addictive experience.  The endorphin release and high obtained from boxing is unmatched by any other dynamic fitness activity on the market today.  
  • Furthermore, the fun never fades out, unlike most fitness trends, as you’re learning the “sweet science”, and a skill that boosts your confidence like none other. You will undoubtedly and shamelessly find yourself shadow boxing in the shower, at work, and even on the dance floor!


  • High-intensity interval training is a popular fitness trend that has been proven to be one of the most effective training techniques to date. A typical boxing workout at a high-intensity, with regular rest periods, gives an efficient HIIT workout, shredding hundreds, and up to 1000+ calories, in just 45-60 minutes.  


  • A consequential effect of the B’NB HIIT style training is something known as EPOC, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.   
  • EPOC refers to the additional oxygen consumption needed to restore your body back to homeostasis.  
  • Ultimately, EPOC promotes the burning of more calories even after you’ve finished training, enhancing the results of the training.

Aerobic vs Anaerobic

  • Traditional exercise such as jogging, swimming, biking, at one intensity, delivers a level of aerobic training and a steady-state of oxygen consumption
  • Boxing, which generates varying but explosive and intense outputs of energy and force, results in anaerobic training, thus increasing the bodies demand for oxygen, and exponentially boosting the EPOC effect.  Therefore, yielding better and faster results than other traditional fitness training.  


  • The versatility of boxing training is truly remarkable.  What’s special about the “sweet science” is there is always more to learn!  Whether you’re a beginner, or a seasoned professional, there are infinite ways to continually progress and challenge yourself both physically and mentally.  
  • Whether its building more technical combinations, pushing the intensity, or extending the rounds to be longer, there are limitless ways to prevent plateauing.
  • Beyond the boundless challenges and progressions boxing offers, its also versatile in the sense that you can do it anywhere with little to no equipment! Shadow boxing can be done with no equipment and in a small space.  Mitts and bag work can be done with minimal equipment and space.


  • Aside from boxing being immensely effective for the shoulders, biceps, triceps and deltoids, boxing is truly a total body workout.  There are few, if any, forms of exercise that are as comprehensive as boxing.   
  • You’ll feel the burn through the calves; quads; hamstrings; the entire core from the butt up through the stomach and transverse abdominals; the arms; shoulders and back!
  • Every BNB session will incorporate various functional training movements which compliment the boxing and target the major muscle groups, particularly the core, for a perfect balance.
  • Strengthening your full body and core is advantageous to every day functionalities of life both physically and mentally.


  • As with any training, safety is IMPERATIVE.  When it comes to teaching boxing, you’re generally working with beginners therefore communication and proper instruction and progression is critical.  
  • The BNB method breaks down the mechanics and techniques of boxing in such a way that anyone can understand it and teach it.
  • By teaching in a way that is easy to understand and follow, we are minimizing the risk of injury, therefore increasing the the likelihood of obtaining fitness goals more quickly and efficiently.       

How can you learn teach boxing in a 1 day LIVE course?

We will spend a full day demonstrating, practicing & drilling the basics of boxing. You will then get hands on experience at teaching those skills within our method. You will not become a professional in one day, but you will gain a system and format to then take away and practice and utilize.

You get access to our Video library so you never forget anything that you learn on the day! This course will properly start you on a journey of teaching boxing

Do you offer an ONLINE certification course?

Yes, click to sign up for our online Box ‘N Burn certification course now.

Do I need to be a Certified Personal Trainer to apply?

No, a certification is not necessary, but this course will give you education credits towards a personal trainer certification.

Do I need to be physically fit?

It will help if you are in shape, but it is not essential, a willingness to learn is the most important thing. You will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability

Do I need any boxing experiences before I come?

No, the course is open to everyone, no boxing experience or knowledge necessary, it will help of course if you do, but we designed to teach the basics from the very start.

How long is the LIVE course?

The course is 1 full day of hands-on training and runs from 9:30 am – 5pm, with a 1 hour break for lunch.

Will there be a lunch break during LIVE class?

Yes, there are several small breaks throughout the day and there is a 1 hour break for lunch.

Do I need boxing equipment, what do I need to bring on the LIVE course day?

LIVE COURSE: Feel free to bring and use your own equipment at the live course, if you do not have  your own, we have equipment for you to use for free. Bring what you would normally take to the gym to work out, plus lunch, drinks and snacks.

ONLINE COURSE: you need to use your own equipment.

What do I get after completing the course?

You will receive:

  • – Exclusive access to our online video tutorial library
  • – Access to BNB certified private Facebook trainer group
  • – BNB Certified trainer t-shirt for Level 1 participants and a Nike BNB Certified trainer gym bag for Level 2 participants.
  • – 180″ hand wraps
  • – Course Certificate

How many Continuing Education Units (CEUs / CECs) do I get for each level?

Both Level 1 and Level 2 are approved for the following CEUs (Continuing Education Units):

Level 1 Online Course  = 2.00 CEUs
Level 1  Live Course = 0.80
Level 2 Live Course = 0.70
Level 1 Live Course 0.7
Level 2 Live Course 0.7
Online Course 0.9

ISSA  7.0
Australian Fitness CECs –  12
PTA Global CECs – 7
UK REPS – 10 units

Can I get a refund if I cancel?


Live Courses: Cancellations made at least 2 weeks before the live course date can be refunded in full via PayPal, credited towards a future live course, or credited towards our online course.

Cancellations made less than 2 weeks before the course date are eligible for a credit towards our online course but otherwise will not be refunded.

Online Courses: All sales are final.

Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. Box ‘N Burn Academy prides itself on providing real value for every student who partakes in the course. With reasonable and fair requests, we offer a money back guarantee to all students who feel they did not receive their money’s worth after taking the course.

To receive your refund, e-mail academy@boxnburn.com within 30 days of the start date of the course stating the reason as to why the course was not what you expected.

Students requesting money back must forfeit their original Box ‘N Burn Academy Certificate of Certification, wraps and t-shirt. These materials must be sent back within 30 days of the course start date. You will also lose access to the Box ‘N Burn Academy Online Trainer Area & Box ‘N Burn Academy Facebook group.

Would you Come to My Gym to teach a certification course?

Yes,  live, hands-on courses can be held at your facility anywhere in the world. Click link to learn more about hosting an Academy course at your facility.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

We do have an online affiliate program for the Box ‘N Burn Academy. Please contact us: academy@boxnburn.com for more information on how to become an affiliate.

Do you offer Franchise opportunities?

No. We often get asked by our certified trainers if we intend to offer franchises, currently we do not offer franchise opportunities.

Can I call my classes Box ‘N Burn once I’m certified or use the Box ‘N Burn name?

Usage Guidelines:
As a certified trainer you can associate your classes with the Box ‘N Burn name in some instances, below are examples of what you can and can’t use, please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at academy@boxnburn.com.

What you CAN use:
(CLASS NAME) by Box ‘N Burn certified trainer (YOUR NAME) – choose your own class name as long as it is not associated with Box ‘N Burn – for example: Boxing Fit by Box ‘N Burn certified trainer John Smith

Box ‘N Burn certified trainer (Your NAME) – (CLASS NAME) Class – Example: Box ‘N Burn certified trainer John Smith – Boxing Fit Class

What you CANNOT use:
Box ‘N Burn Class
Box ‘N Burn Class (YOUR LOCATION) – Example: Box ‘N Burn Houston
Box ‘N Burn Academy class
Box ‘N Burn Academy (YOUR LOCATION) – Example: Box ‘N Burn Academy Houston

Do you require me to sign a Waiver of Liability?

Yes. All participants in both the live and online courses are required to read and sign our WAIVER OF LIABILITY before commencing any LIVE or ONLINE course.

Do You Guarantee To Protect My Privacy & Conduct Your Business in a Professional Manner?

We take your privacy very seriously, please read our PRIVACY & COOKIE POLICY before continuing use on this website or purchasing a course. Please also refer to our CODE OF ETHICS.

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